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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I place an order?

  1. Click Order Now
  2. Enter your location and desired delivery date & time
  3. Select a restaurant you would like and build your order
  4. Login to your account or create a new customer account (this will save your address(es) for future use)
  5. Continue to Checkout
  6. Arrange payment
  7. Now, don't worry any more about your order. We'll take over from here.

At this point, your order is maintained and monitored by our customer care team. We "walk" your order through a five-point confirmation process that will put your mind at ease. You can even "check on" your order, by logging into "My Account" and seeing your order's latest status.

2. What Does Triangle Food Guy Do To Guarantee My Order?

First, we work with only the best restaurants and caterers in the business. They are top notch and deliver not only a quality product, but the very best in customer care.

  1. We submit the order to the restaurant via fax, or e-mail, or both depending on the restaurant's preference.
  2. Once it has been submitted, we get confirmation back from the restaurant that they have received the order and have it on their calendar (typically that is within 2 hours of submitting the order). We send you the "c
  3. On the day of your event/meeting (or the day before if it is a breakfast meeting) we call the restaurant to "re-confirm" your order.
  4. And finally, we give you a final courtesy call just to let you know that all is well with your order and it is on schedule to arrive at the time you specified.

See, you have nothing to worry about. But, call us at 919.234.7755 if you have any questions!

3. Does It Cost More To Use Triangle Food Guy?

No. The pricing on our site is exactly the same as if you ordered directly from the restaurant or caterer. Guaranteed. We are paid by the restaurants, so it doesn't cost you anything to use our service.

4. Are You Adding Any New Restaurants To The Site / Are You Open To Suggestions?

Yes and yes. We are always looking for new, quality restaurants and caterers to add to the site. Our best suggestions have often come from our clients, so please pass along any suggestions to us.